Robert Wilson Insurance

The Challenge

When we first contacted Robert Wilson Insurance to share the good news that we could help them dramatically improve the traffic from their website, they seemed skeptical to say the least. Robert Wilson Insurance had been receiving phone calls everyday from companies wanting to preform S.E.O. (search engine optimization) on their siteĀ and charge an ungodly amount to do so. The owner Patricia later told us that she knew she needed professionals to do the work but she had the sense that the phone calls she had been getting were from companies more worried about making a sale than meeting their needs. That is not the case with BM Marketing Inc!

TheĀ Solution

We had our first meeting at Robert Wilson Insurance. Patricia wanted to know exactly what we planned to increase her online traffic. We discussed the need for S.E.O. and explained that S.E.O. is basically what allows search engines like Google to recognize what the website is about. The site will be ranked much higher for key terms related to what services or products the business provides. We created her a whole new site optimized for search engines. We also took special care on the flow of the site to increase visitor’s attention and get them to contact Robert Wilson Insurance.

The Results

We gave the site a whole new look! The site is not only more visually appealing but also has more interactive features to engage potential customers! We also use strategies to encourage people visiting your site to contact Robert Wilson Insurance immediately! This alone will increase the conversion rate from just viewing the site to actually taking action and calling for a quote. Patricia and her family that works along side her seemed very please with the results! They now have a beautiful efficient site and their ranking continues to climb!


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Amazing Result

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