Marketing Tips & Tricks

Here you will find tips on business marketing for your local Terre Haute business.

4 Signs Your Site Needs Revamping

4 Signs Your Site Needs Revamping Some signs are more obvious than others. But whatever the underlying issues may be, it’s likely time to to revamp your company website if any of the following sounds familiar: 1. Your site isn’t responsive. Over the past few...

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3 reasons customers can’t find your website

Most local business owners know they need an online presence. So many customers are looking online when it comes time to buy or research a service or product. If your business isn’t visible when customers are searching, their money will go elsewhere. If you own...

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What will SEO do for my business?

What is SEO? Search engines like Google create a large database of every website and ranks them. The search engines put web pages in order based on certain keywords. For example, If you type in “Terre Haute restaurants” into Google, it will show you a list of websites...

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